Natural Fitness for an Unnatural World

Pay What You Want Training…Yes...Seriously.

Forgotten World Fitness is a personal training and small group fitness studio that offers our training on a pay what you want basis.  Since we have no contracts and no set pricing structure, you pay what you can and we'll train you.  

If you want to pay the going rate for training…great!

If you want to pay a little less…great!

If you want to trade us a goat…we don't really have room for one, but we can work something out.

We believe that knowledge of health and fitness is vital to everyone, and we want it to be accessible regardless of financial means. 

We believe so strongly in our service, that we feel anyone that trains with us will pay whatever they feel to be a fair compensation.   

This is our way of fostering a healthy community and providing a form of outreach to those individuals that might otherwise miss out on the opportunity to develop greater health and fitness.   

To be clear, we are not a non-profit, we just believe that people are willing to pay a fair price for good service and that good health and fitness education shouldn't exclude anyone regardless of income.